11 Colleges with Best Internships

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One of the most vital decisions you’ll ever make is the college where you want to hone your skills and knowledge. This way, when you graduate, you will have the right job. However, the question is: Which college has the best internship? The right internship program can prepare you for the profession you aspire for. In this article, you will understand why it is necessary to have an internship program, its advantages, and the colleges with best internships.

Importance of Internships for College StudentsImportance of Internships for College Students

The life shift from being a college student to a working professional is challenging. You will face a lot of adjustments and challenges. That’s why it is imperative to have an internship in college before exposing yourself to real corporate life. Below is the list of the importance of internships for college students:

You will be developed holistically.

With an internship program in college, you will not just develop your skills and knowledge, but you will also develop your values and attitudes. Although you may have spent years studying and learning inside the classroom, some things are only learned in the workplace. For this to happen, you need the internship program.

You will develop more skills.

In the classroom, you will listen and perhaps imagine what the instructor is discussing with you. However, when you are in an internship program, you will be able to acquire and apply the necessary skills in the workplace.

For example, in the classroom, you learn about the importance of communication skills. You even hear from your instructor about how it must be done. But you get to know different people when you are in the internship program. You learn how to communicate with them. You even talk to clients personally.

You will acquire new knowledge.

Because most theories are discussed in the classroom, it doesn’t mean you won’t learn in the actual setting. For example, you will learn about the different equipment to use in the classroom. In the actual workplace, you will learn how to use them. If given a chance, you will be able to operate them.

You will develop your character.

As mentioned above, you will meet different people in the workplace. Thus, you will also learn how to deal with them. For example, you are trained to be disciplined, polite, courteous, and competent in the classroom. During your internship, you will be polite to every person you meet, regardless of their rank and title in the company. You are trained not to be late and strictly adhere to the company’s rules and regulations. Every mistake you commit will help you grow to become a competent professional.

3 Benefits of Attending a College with a Strong Internship Program

3 Benefits of Attending a College with a Strong Internship Program

The internship is important for every student regardless of the course. However, why should you choose a college that offers an intensive internship program? Here’s the reason why:

You will have the edge over the rest.

When you graduate from college, there’s excellent competition during a job application. Although an internship is a requirement set by most colleges, your edge is if you come from a strong internship program.

Most likely, your employer will check your internship program. When you have experienced it from a reputable company, you will have a higher chance of getting hired than the other applicants. It is because the company will perceive that you have solid and vast work experience. Thus, intensive training is no longer necessary. Both you and the company will save time and effort.

You will perform better.

Coming from a strong internship program will give you adequate training and experience. You will be working in a company with complete facilities and resources. You will be able to operate the equipment that you only learn in the classroom. You will also have the chance to know and use the company’s system. It will eventually help you perform better than anybody else. You will be trained seriously in all aspects of the work that you need to learn. Aside from that, you will have the chance to be mentored by well-recognized professionals.

You will build more connections.

A strong internship program will let you meet different people. You will likely be deployed to big, busy companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It will eventually expose you to various people with different ranks and titles from various companies. Thus, you can build your linkages even if you are still a student. You can connect to these linkages when you graduate and look for a job. These linkages can also be tapped when you have business proposals and others opportunities.

Top 11 Colleges with Best Internship Program

Top 11 Colleges with Best Internship Program

Do colleges offer internship? Yes. According to USNews.com, below are the colleges that offer the best internship program:

Harvard University

Harvard University is a well-recognized university all over the world for its standards. If you aim to get a Ph.D., they offer a 10-weeks internship program, particularly the Summer Research Opportunities. If you are qualified, you will have the chance to be mentored by Cambridge-based Harvard Faculty. You will learn more about research in terms of humanities, social science, life, and physical sciences.

Bentley University

This university ranks number 2 in the U.S. News spring 2022 survey. You can take the internship program during summer, fall, or spring. You must complete the required 45 hours of internship work in four weeks. One internship work will give you one academic credit. After this, you will have your academic credit.

Stanford University

If your major is in Science or Engineering, a lot of great opportunities are waiting for you. This university is number 3 in the U.S. News spring 2022 survey. Their internship program lets you work in New York and abroad. They offer a vast internship program to help you hone your skills, knowledge, and attitude. Once you put the Stanford University internship program in your resume, many companies will be delighted to hire you.

University of Notre Dame

The internship program at the University of Notre Dame is not mandatory. However, the students are encouraged to join. Before registering for the internship program, you must have the orientation first. You will not be allowed to register if you miss the orientation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you will find a lot of internship programs. You can be a part of their materials science and engineering internship program, leaders for global operation internship program, entrepreneur internship, and summer internship program.

Duke University

Duke University believes that to be successful in your chosen profession; you should start early. You can do this through an internship program. In their program, you will experience self-assessment, research, and linkages.

Drexel University

Opportunities wait for you at Drexel University. You may avail Drexel’s Cooperative Education (co-op) program. They have this program since 1919 and they produced successful students in their chosen field.

Berea College

Berea College can modify the internship program based on your needs and future career plan. It’s either you are looking for a major, thinking about future career possibilities, or searching for an internship program or job, Berea College has a lot to offer.

University of Cincinnati

At the University of Cincinnati, you will have the chance to develop your leadership skills through their internship program. You can also avail of their work-study program.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The internship program at Georgia Institute of Technology is completed in one semester and must be a primary related part-time job.

Purdue University—West Lafayette

At Purdue University, their internship program focuses on research work experience. It is an effective way to develop your skills in the field of research.

Below are other universities which offer the best internship program. You may check out their websites to know more:

  • Elon University
  • Cornell University
  • Agnes Scott College

How to Choose the Best Internship for Your Course?

How to Choose the Best Internship for Your Course?

It is imperative to know how you can choose the best internship program for you, and below are some tips you can follow:

Is it aligned with your course?

The internship program will let you determine your future career. Make sure you choose a program that can develop your skills and knowledge based on your current course. For example, if you are taking up Computer Engineering, you may consider working in companies like Google, Microsoft, or Apple. If you are taking nursing, your internship program should be in the hospitals.

Is it a good company that can give you fantastic work experience?

As much as possible, choose a reputable company. These reputable companies can give you the right expert people to train you. In this way, you will ensure that you are mentored by people who are known for their skills and abilities. For example, Google has a great information technologist professional who can mentor you. If you are a software developer, working at Microsoft company is a great idea.

Are they complete in facilities?

The good thing about choosing big companies is they have complete facilities. While you are in the classroom, the equipment used is only discussed. It is vital that you also experience how to operate them. That’s why choosing the right company will give you an edge over the rest of the students.

Who will be your supervisor? Is he experienced enough to mentor you?

Once you have decided which company you will apply to, try researching the possible supervisor. Do you think he is credible enough to train you? Does he love teaching interns like you? You can do a background check.

Wrapping Things Up: 11 Colleges with Best Internships

There are many colleges with the best internship programs. However, it would help if you determined first its importance. When you know the significance of an internship program, you will do everything to be hired. You also need to understand the internship program benefits. However, ensure that you consider some factors, like the kind of experience you will have and the program duration. Many colleges offer vital internship programs. These programs will give you an edge over the rest of the applicants. You have to do your research and decide which company to apply to. Lastly, having an internship is the beginning of your career.

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